Luther & Language (video)

The past few weeks have been busy with preparations for the launch of 500 Reformations. This week, I received links to videos of two of the three public talks I gave earlier in the year. I’ve just found the necessary ten minutes to watch myself back. Ignoring the note of mild stress in the voice (I have to get through all this in 10 minutes!) I was pleased to find I could watch it through without cringing.

As per my area of expertise, I was talking particularly about Luther’s bible translation and its influence on language. The talk hones in on names, and I focused on one name in particular. If you have time to watch it through, look out also for the capitalisation of EliMelech in Luther’s first edition. To a reader who knows Hebrew, this is highlighting the two ideas (God + king) I explain earlier in the talk.

(It may be worth returning to my earlier post on Luther’s translation, and why I find it particularly rewarding to study.)

Also: A self-correction: The compilation of the Complutensian Polyglot actually began in 1514 and finished in 1520. Everyone gets the odd date wrong, eh?

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